Getting Started

When you join GloryMC, you will be at spawn. Then you can walk to the nether portal and it will randomly teleport you around the world. Don't like where you got teleported? No problem. Just type '/rtp' again to teleport again. If you are joining with a friend, you can teleport to them with '/tpa {username}'. 


In this guide, we will explore how you can utilise various tools and commands to safeguard your belongings and control access within your claim. Let's dive in!

Claim Protection with the Golden Shovel:

To establish your own personal territory, you can wield the mighty golden shovel. By using the golden shovel, you can create claims that grant you exclusive rights over the land. An exciting bonus awaits diligent voters who cast their ballot for the fourth time - a free golden shovel!

Within your claims, other players will be restricted from building structures, accessing containers, or even interacting with buttons and doors. This ensures that your property remains secure and untampered with.

Granting Permissions to Friends:

Fear not, for you can still invite trusted companions to join you in your claim. To grant them building permissions, simply stand within your claim and employ the power of "/trust" command. This will bestow them with the ability to construct and modify structures within your domain.

For enabling container access, like chests and furnaces, employ the command "/containertrust". Likewise, if you wish to grant permission for your friends to operate buttons, levers, and doors, the command "/accesstrust" will be your ally.

Should you desire to allow everyone access to your claim, you can use the keyword "public" as the player name. This ensures an inclusive environment where all can partake in the joys of your creation.

Acquiring Claim Blocks:

To expand the boundaries of your claim, you will require claim blocks. Fear not, as you have two options to obtain these valuable resources. Firstly, the "/buyclaimblocks" command allows you to acquire claim blocks directly. Alternatively, you can test your luck and use crate keys at the "/warp crates" location, which might reward you with claim blocks.

Container Security with Single-Block Locks:

For enhanced security, you can utilize single-block locks using the "/lock" command. These locks grant you the ability to safeguard specific containers and control access to them. When required, you can unlock these containers using the "/unlock" command.


Discord: The Heart of Our Community:

Our server thrives on the lively interactions and camaraderie fostered on Discord. Joining our Discord server enables you to engage with like-minded players, even when you're offline. Connect with fellow Minecrafters, engage in fascinating discussions, share hilarious memes, and organize game sessions with ease. It's a hub for fun and collaboration!

Making Suggestions:

We value your input and encourage you to contribute to the evolution of our Minecraft server. If you have exciting ideas, suggestions, or enhancements to propose, we invite you to share them via our Discord server. To write a suggestion, simply navigate to the #polls channel and write it. There, you can explore existing suggestions and provide valuable feedback on them as well.

General Commands

 /ah - View the auction House

/afk - Puts player in afk mode (Can not be attacked)

/ah sell {price} - Puts item being held on auction house

/back - Teleports you to where you were before

/balance - Check the money you have accrued

/balance {username} - Check balance of others 

/balancetop - Check the money leaderboard

/discord - Sends discord link that is usable

/discord link - Links username to discord profile

/discord unlink - Unlinks username to discord profile

/ignore {username} - Blocks messages form someone

/home - Teleport to your house

/mail {username} - Mail online/offline players

/msg {username} - Message online players

/pay {username} - Pay someone money

/preventsleep - Allows night cycle to happen

/rtp - Teleports you randomly around the world

/seen - See when people where last on

/sethome - Set a home to tp to when /home used

/spawn - Teleports self to spawn

/tpa {username} - Ask to teleport to someone

/tpacancel - Revoke teleport request

/tpaccept - Approve of someone's teleport request

/tpahere - Ask someone to teleport to you

/tpdeny - Deny someone's teleport request

/vote - Get the links to vote to earn rewards

/vshop - Vote shop (More rewards from voting)

/warp {name} - Teleports you to a location

Seeking Assistance and Reporting Emergencies

Read on to discover the best course of action when in need.

Creating a Ticket for Assistance:

If you require assistance from a staff member, there are two avenues available to you: the /ticket command or our Discord server. However, we kindly request that you choose only one of these options when both are accessible. Tickets tend to be resolved more swiftly through Discord messages, so we recommend utilising tickets on Discord whenever possible.

To create a ticket, simply type "/ticket [issue]" in the chat. For example, if your beacon was griefed and some iron blocks are missing, you would type "/ticket My beacon was griefed. Some iron blocks are missing." It's important to note that ticket resolutions may take up to 24 hours, but depending on the timing, they can be resolved within a matter of minutes. Remember to create the ticket at the location where the issue occurred.

Seeking Support on Discord:

An alternative method to receive support is through our Discord server. Head over to the #faq channel and provide a detailed description of the issue you are facing. If applicable, include the coordinates to assist our staff members in understanding and addressing the problem promptly. To join our Discord server, follow this link:

Handling Emergencies:

In the event of an emergency, such as a malicious spam raid, immediate action is required. To alert the staff, type "@staff" in-game and describe the issue concisely. For example, you can type "@staff the server is being raided by spammers." This command will trigger a mobile or desktop notification to all staff members, ensuring swift attention to the matter at hand. Please reserve the use of "@staff" for genuine emergencies to avoid unnecessary disruptions.

Remember, our dedicated staff is here to assist you. We strive to provide the best possible support to our community. By following the appropriate channels for assistance, you enable us to address your concerns efficiently and maintain a smooth gaming experience for all.

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