Glory Minecraft

What is GloryMC?

Welcome to GloryMC, the ultimate Minecraft economy server! Our server offers a unique gameplay experience with chest shops and togglable PVP. We believe in fairness and equality, offering free ranks earned through voting. Our server doesn't support pay-to-win systems, so every player has an equal chance to advance.

Our chest shops allow easy item trading, making commerce a breeze. Players can toggle PVP on or off, creating a safe environment for building and exploring. GloryMC's dedicated staff and growing community make it perfect for those who love a challenge and building empires. We host exciting events, from building contests to talent shows, to keep players entertained.

GloryMC boasts a remarkable grief prevention mechanism enabling players to claim land and safeguard their constructions against uninvited visitors. The staff is highly attentive in averting griefing and has a strict policy against it, ensuring that players can construct and explore with confidence and security.

What to expect:

Warp Creation

Quickly access shops and create them by warping there.

Player-Driven Economy

Create your own shops and make own money.

Auction House
Quickly sell items and earn money with one command.


GloryMC has many plugins like this to speed up the Minecraft process.

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