Voting Ranks

Donation Ranks














Obtained by donating £100 to the server

For a custom Prefix please open a ticket in our discord, must be under 10 characters (Any Colour), you will also receive an overall coloured discord role with your chosen name

Togglable [Visionary] Prefix 

All mythic perks

Condense your items down with /stack

Ability to marry and divorce other players with /marry

/Recipe for easy crafting

Change music radius on jukeboxes

Shoot bees with /beezooka

Create custom fireworks with /firework

Extinguish fires around you with /ext

/Repair with no cooldown

Shoot kittens with /kittycannon

Create looms with /loom

Open a smithingtable with /smithingtable

Use your cartography table anywhere with /cartographytable

Staff Ranks


AcePlayz4321 and Sykkiicc.


Andra_man, Vava2008 and Xscxa.


73hs, Grgey, PandaPersonEmma and WebbierChain205.



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