Understand the End Event.

Article about what the End Event will be and why you need to be there.

7/28/2023 | Event | Grgey

As you know, the End is currently disabled. This was because we wanted everyone to have a fair chance to get the egg. This is the first official event of 1.20 and in this article I will be explaining my plans for the event. I would love to hear your feedback on Discord. Two days ago, I posted this teaser in changes:

But today, I have announced the date with a new poster for the event as well as a trailer for it on YouTube. Check it out:

I have posted this short to YouTube that will be posted on to TikTok shortly. In the video, there is an End Portal for this event. The portal can be accessed from spawn so you do not have to find a portal but you are welcome to do so. I'm not sure how many people will play this event but I want to make it very chaotic. I am in the early stages of planning. I would appreciate it if you supported this video to help the server and make this event more fun. You have 13 days to prepare as the date is 10 August at 7PM BST. I have picked this date so people still can loot up for the event and so that the word gets out. Here are the posters released today:

I have a few ideas that I may do for the event; I want to clarify that these ideas are final. As the staff team are still planning it out.

Good luck to all that enter the event. The race is on. Expect scheduled downtime on this day to prepare for the event.